The Butcher’s Diary – July News

So here’s what is new. Toni is leaving – she is flying the coup and heading back to New Zealand in a couple of weeks. Very sad as she has been a big part of Shiralee for the last year or so. Come in and say goodbye and give Mo or Donna a hug. The rest of the team s growing though – and we will introduce everyone that you might not know in the next few weeks.

The Manly shop has been pumping out dinners on these chilly Winter nights. Roast free range and organic meats, veggies and gravy for $15. You cannot go wrong. There have been a few changes with the hot food area and a shiny new meat cabinet – come in to Manly and check it out.

There’s an App for that. We have a brand new app – if you do not have it already then download it from the Apple or Android App store . You can place your shopping order before 12pm (on the way to work) and pick it up from the Manly shop on your way home. In Winter we are open until 7pm weekdays – so plenty of time after you get off the ferry.

Goat. Yes Goat. We have some great goats in from Murray River and will continue getting a supply for the next few weeks. It is quite a lean meat and the flavour lends well to curry so we have a link to a great Nepali Goat Curry recipe and some other good options from the always fabulous ABC and SBS food websites.

That’s it – see you in the shops soon


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