The Butcher’s Diary – April Edition

Things have been even busier that usual lately – but we are going to try and pin Dave down each month to give us a run down on what is new in the shops and with our farmers to resurrect the Butcher’s Diary – here is the April edition….

Our suppliers at Cottonwood Creek have delivered us some beautiful Pastoral Lamb – and we will have a good supply for the next 4-5 weeks – a must try. Pastoral zoned sheep production relies on the sustainable grazing of the native grasslands and shrub lands that make up Australia’s rangelands. These rangelands cover 75% of Australia. The rangelands represent the largest group of the nation’s ecosystems remaining in a relatively natural condition. Farming in this way isn’t easy – farmers have to contend with issues of climate, feed, water, other animals and remote management to produce their stock – but these guys do it well.

Our absolute favourite for the Sunday bird – the Burrawong chickens – are back in stock. Burrawong Gaian produces small numbers of premium quality, pasture reared meat chickens, ducks, seasonally available game birds, and free range duck eggs. Sensational. Enough said.

Gregory Downs are growing some certified organic pigs just for us – we are very excited about this. Will let you know when they land.

Check out Josh’s interview in the Chef’s Diary for more detail, but we have been producing some new innovative meal lines – to be revealed. You might have seen this photo in Instagram last week. The TV dinner has been upgraded to First Class!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.20.14 am


Shiralee is a sponsor of Beaches Foodie Trail – check it out here. Foodie Trail is part of Go Trail – you can go to their website the week before and plan out your own 3 day trail of great foodie destinations and special offers. Get your mates involved.

We are also looking for a new full-time butcher for the team! Know someone good on the knife with a passion for sustainable quality meat? Pass it on.

See you in the shop soon. Cheers Dave.


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