The Butcher’s Diary – Building a Community Around Real Food

I am so proud to be an integral part of our community that produces the healthiest and tastiest meat on the planet. Our community starts with our wonderful farmers, and without their love, passion, work ethic and high morals, we would not be able to sell this fine produce that serves our amazing community. We are merely the go-between – ensuring that we give the farmer the respect that they deserve, and honour what they have worked tirelessly to produce, by turning it into something that suits the current retail market. We are so lucky to have our farmers.

Supporting this we have our Professional community; nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, natural health medics, personal trainers, life coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors, fitness/health professionals – and general practitioners. This community plays a crucial role in what we do because they are out there with that same passion for their own clients’ wellbeing, trying to make their life better, by espousing the benefits of real food, and the importance of consuming healthy meat. This is helping create and support the demand for high quality produce at a price that supports the farmers organic practice and even allows them to improve these practices and grow themselves.

Then there are the truly unique stores, cafe’s and restaurants that we serve daily. These are often small businesses established by individuals that want to change the world with the wonderful food that they produce – and by creating new avenues for the community to enjoy tasty produce that is both healthy and ethical, they succeed. Thank you guys for the love and passion that you hold for your food and the environment – without your help and custom we couldn’t do what we do.

Completing this community circle are our AMAZING customers – I so love, love , love them – they are the best. The mums and dads that are on the same path. Each and every week they turn up to our shop to make a difference in their family’s lives. I love and thank you so much for supporting us and our beliefs. You are the foundation for the rest of the circle because your demand for healthy and sustainable produce allows the wonderful farmers, and us, to do what we love and believe in. What you do, in eating this way, and teaching your kids how food should be consumed and the reasons why, including food sustainability and the environmental impact, makes a real difference in the broader community. I honestly believe that these wonderful kids that are coming into our shop every week with their magnificent parents, will change the world in so many ways – and my wish is that I am alive to witness this.

So, a massive thank you to our Shiralee Community. We will strive to serve you by giving our best, being fully transparent and to continue and develop our relationships with our farmers and health professionals, growing this business to be true educators to the kids – our future.


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