The Butchers Diary – November News

Hey Everyone,

October flew by with a flock of tasty Thirlmere duck giveaways! Check the link below for all the winners and recipes.

Christmas is only 6 WEEKS AWAY. So we will have news very soon on pre-ordering for Christmas Day – and all that will be available.

Brookvale is back open again on Saturdays so make sure to pop in and say hi from 8am – 2pm on Saturdays (and 8am-5pm weekdays). Manly is open 7 days, and that is 8am-7pm weekdays and 8am-5pm weekends.

The hot food bar in Manly is going off – easy weeknight dinners for one or a shortcut to dinner on the table for the family. We always have at least a couple of slow cooked roast meats and vegies – and often tasty options like lamb riblets, pork crackling, meatballs, chicken wings… Pop in for lunch in Manly too. The best sausage roll in town – you be the judge.
See you soon!

We’ve got some exciting new announcements coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Cheers Emma

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