The Butcher’s Diary. Why Go Organic?

Eating organic, is eating cleanly, and not ingesting chemicals has to be better for your body. I’m a butcher though, not a nutritionist so we will chat to some of our nutritionists about that and share the info on our website in the next couple of weeks.
One of my key reasons is because Organic farming is the most humane process to produce animals at the abattoir. This means that the animal has the best of care leading into slaughter. This  is managed through many different facets.  Animals have to get onto trucks before slaughter day, and be around humans, so the organic producers that we use ensure that the animals aren’t stressed and are not seeing things that they haven’t seen before. They get on the trucks in low light in the early hours of the morning, which is something that they have done before production day, so they are not startled by this. Creating a good environment and having low stress levels of the animals is important for humane reasons and because it produces much better meat. Stress causes a chemical response – and stressed animals release adrenaline, just like we do, and adrenaline toughens the muscles and therefore the meat.
It is better for the environment too. You have to see farm productions like Polyface in the US which is being replicated here. Animals are used as pollinators in a way that removes the need for heavy machinery, let alone chemicals. The cows eat the grass and produce fertiliser in the way of dung or manure. The pigs are brought into the fields, and as natural foragers they dig around and push the manure into the ground, acting as fertilisers without needing diggers. The chickens have their place, in eating the worms and bugs in the ground, keeping that dung clean and healthy, and in turn the soil as well. Keeping the soil and land in such a healthy manner means that less water is also required.
So why are organics so important?
We believe in organic farming for the sustainability of the environment, the ethical and humane treatment of animals, and as a process that ensures that anything the farmers have produced is clean of chemicals, pesticides & herbicides.
It is the way forward – the future of farming & the future of sustainability of our environment. As a practice it reinvigorates the environment by using what was put on this earth – the plants and shrubs and the animals.  By using farmers that engage that whole process biodynamically and organically to produce what we eat – means that we can call ourselves the healthiest & tastiest butchers in … the world 🙂
Dave Head

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