Hillside Pastured Farm

We grow meat chickens the old fashion way….out on the pasture! They start their life on our farm as day old chicks which we get from a specialist hatchery on the mid north- coast of NSW.

They reside in the brooder until they are 3-4 weeks of age and then the “graduate” from chicks to chickens and live their remaining 4-5 weeks on the pasture.

Whilst on the pasture they live in a chicken “tractor”. It is movable and is partly covered and partly open. EACH day it is moved onto fresh ground. This is how we fertilise our farm without adding chemicals and how we give our chickens fresh pasture to enjoy. You should see them when they are moved – they can’t wait to get into some fresh grass.

Our Pastured Chickens live with a free choice of sleeping under the stars or under shelter. Some do, some don’t, They are not all the same. But they all like scratching around on the ground and eating juicy bugs and the like!

Meat chickens grow much faster than their layer cousins and as such are offered a supplementary feed which we have shipped from Sydney (as it is based on a meat meal based protien not a vegetable protien). Chickens are omnivores! so we give them as close a supplementary feed as we can to an all natural diet.

Because our Pastured Chickens live in a healthy way (with fresh pasture, fresh air and sunshine), they grow healthy. We don’t need to give them antibiotics as they don’t get sick. If you and I lived in a crowded shed with our waste without sunlight, fresh air, day or night we would eventually get sick and require medication.

Our Pastured Chickens live and are raised the old fashion way. That’s how you get old fashion flavour and goodness.