Shiralee Organic Meats at Forestway Fresh

Have you been up to Forestway Fresh lately? It has been transforming over the last couple of years and now it just looks amazing. They have their usual loads of fresh produce (the best quality you can find), cafe, pizza kitchen and the tasting deck – and of course … an expanded range of Shiralee Organic Meats produce.

Pop up there and check it out and whilst you are at it you can grab some the following from Shiralee Organic Meats;

  • Chicken & Apple Cider Vinegar Sausages
  • Texan Chilli Sausages
  • Merlot & Cracked Pepper Sausages
  • Gluten Free Schnitzels

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.18.04 AM

Image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

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