The Butcher’s Diary – Thank You Manly

We opened the new shop on the 6th May just in time for the Foodie Go Trail and we have been open a month now and loving being a part of the neighbourhood!

We want to say a big

thank you

to ALL of the Manly locals that have been so welcoming, especially the wonderful communities around the 2 local schools

– Manly Village Public School and St Mary’s Catholic School

and all of the Manly restaurants and pubs that have joined the Shiralee family. So amazing.

It has been very special to see so many familiar faces from the Brookvale and Seaforth shops, and to meet all the new people that have popped in to say hi and have a look, and those that have become new customers.

So if you haven’t been in yet then we look forward to seeing you soon – we have meat and poultry from all of our usual fantastic farmers, as well as some deliciously easy weeknight dinner items – like marinated chicken, beef wellington, meatloaf, free-range nuggets, schnitzels, and rissoles. We have a good range of organic groceries, and fresh certified organic fruit and vegetables every day.

AND … drumroll….yes we have ready cooked meals that you can take home hot or cold. If you are lucky, on any given day this could include roast pork belly, slow cooked lamb shoulder, beef brisket, roast chicken, roast potatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, purple carrots, beetroot, the lot! We have also been open for hot lunches to beat the brrrrr – with sausage rolls, hot roast rolls, and sausage sangas on the menu.

Broth? You bet. We have a chicken, beef or lamb broth every day – usually as well as another soup – like pea & ham, mushroom, roast vegetable, cauliflower.

organic roast meat rolls and sausage rolls Roast chicken and potatoes Roasting organic vegetables Organic Roast Carrots Dave Toni & Mo - Opening Day Shiralee Meats Manly Shiralee Meats Manly - Donna & Ora's Alex Shiralee Organic Meats Manly

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