It’s Summer but you wouldn’t know it! If you’ve got any time today have a crack at one of these and please those drowned rats that come home this afternoon! […]

5 Rainy Day Rescues

The good old kebab. Don’t turn your nose up at it – it doesn’t only belong on the menu after midnight! Feed the crowd by slow cooking some lamb shoulders, […]

Recipe – DIY Lamb Kebabs

beef bourguignon
This is such an old favourite and so easy. With our organic chuck beef too, it is so tender and doesn’t need as long to cook as some lower grade […]

Recipe – Beef Bourguignon

Osso bucco or beef/veal shin is a cheap cut of meat and full of nutritional value due to that melty marrow. You really want to be using organic meat every […]

Osso Bucco and White Beans

We have Murray River goats in at the moment. It is a really versatile and lean protein used commonly in curries and popular with many cultures including the Nepalese, Persian, […]

Recipe – Nepali Goat Curry

It’s that time of the year and everyone around you is coming down with colds and the flue. Maybe you have succumbed too. Get lots of rest, eat plenty of healthful […]

Winter Colds – Home Remedy by ...

This curry is always a favourite even with the kids – and if you have a favourite massaman paste that doesn’t have any nasties in it then use that. Or […]

Recipe – Beef Massaman Curry