osso bucco
Osso bucco or beef/veal shin is a cheap cut of meat and full of nutritional value due to that melty marrow. You really want to be using organic meat every […]

Osso Bucco and White Beans

butchers diary (1)
So here’s what is new. Toni is leaving – she is flying the coup and heading back to New Zealand in a couple of weeks. Very sad as she has […]

The Butcher’s Diary – July News

We have Murray River goats in at the moment. It is a really versatile and lean protein used commonly in curries and popular with many cultures including the Nepalese, Persian, […]

Recipe – Nepali Goat Curry

It’s that time of the year and everyone around you is coming down with colds and the flue. Maybe you have succumbed too. Get lots of rest, eat plenty of healthful […]

Winter Colds – Home Remedy by ...

This curry is always a favourite even with the kids – and if you have a favourite massaman paste that doesn’t have any nasties in it then use that. Or […]

Recipe – Beef Massaman Curry

chili con carne
This is so easy and healthy – and you can go easy on the heat too please everybody – and just add fresh chilli or chilli sauce to the lava […]

Recipe – Chilli Con Carne

shiralee the app
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand new app – which allows you to place orders for pick up at the Manly shop. It is available in […]

Announcing … Shiralee The App!

scotch eggs
Scotch eggs are a speciality all over the UK – not just Scotland. They’ve become a bit of of a food fad lately – dude food of sorts for the […]

Recipe – Scotch Eggs