We gave away a duck a day for one week in October/November. 8 to be exact – we lost count! We learnt a lot too – who knew there were so […]

Duck A Day!

spice rub pork ribs
Mix this spice rub up in a jar, give it a good shake and it keep in the pantry for months (as if you won’t eat it before then!). This is […]

Spice Rub Pork Ribs

It’s Summer but you wouldn’t know it! If you’ve got any time today have a crack at one of these and please those drowned rats that come home this afternoon! […]

5 Rainy Day Rescues

The good old kebab. Don’t turn your nose up at it – it doesn’t only belong on the menu after midnight! Feed the crowd by slow cooking some lamb shoulders, […]

Recipe – DIY Lamb Kebabs