Know Your Steak

Knowing how to cook the perfect steak can be tricky because it does depend on the cut of the steak, the thickness, the implement (pan/BBQ), and personal preference. The rule used to only be turning once, but Heston and Jamie have changed that with their regular flipping of the steak.

We have found a great app from Meat & Livestock Australia’s website;

The App is called Steak Mate and it will act a as a guide and timer for cooking multiple cuts of steak, at the same time, to your (and your demanding family/guests) desired preference. Search SteakMate in the Apple & Android App Store.

Regardless of which steak you cook – follow these tips & tricks;

– Good quality meat of course! Know where it comes from; grass-fed, free-range and organic farming will give you better quality = better taste

– Oil and season your steak (with your fat and seasoning of favour

– Get the cooking surface nice and hot nd dry to give you a good crust on the steak

– Don’t crowd the pan or plate – it will lead to stewing

– Rest your meat for half the time it took to cook. It is good to rest the steaks standing on their side if possible so they aren’t sitting in their juices

Don’t overcook your steaks – even if you think you like them well done, try to maintain some juiciness (and medium rare usually will get you the most tender finish)

Now onto Know Your Steaks! These steaks in the picture are;

1. Eye Fillet – also called the fillet or tenderloin. It is not a well used muscle and as such will be very tender but not packed with flavour. Feeding a crowd with the eye fillet is easy though – you can cook the fillet whole and then slice to serve. The eye fillet is the little side of the glorious T-Bone

2. New York – this also called the Sirloin or Porterhouse. It is the other half of the T-Bone and is tender yet flavoursome – great on the BBQ

3. Scotch Fillet – also called rib eye and it is from the forequarter of the rib section. It’s fat marbling makes for great flavour and this is a dead set favourite on the BBQ

4. Cattleman’s Cutket – this is a scotchfillet on the rib bone. Meat on the bone always has more flavour, and this combined with the fat marbling is a winner. Try it – you can share one, BBQ, rested, then sliced off the bone at the table

OK this is just the tip of the steak iceberg. We will post again soon with some other cuts. Keep an eye out. Get it?

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