Stockists & Cafes


[page-row title=”Forestway Fresh” content=”Forestway Fresh is Sydney’s premium food store and our longest stockist. They are in the midst of a massive expansion which is very exciting. They sell high quality, fresh produce as well as a fine selection of groceries and food products – including a diverse range of Shiralee Organic Meat’s premium cuts and products like our house-smoked bacon, gluten-free sausages and chicken schnitzels. Located in Terrey Hills, this is your one-stop-shop for all your gourmet foodie needs.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”One Table” content=”One Table is the new brand that used to be known as Group Organics – and they offer over 500 Certified Organic Products at member only prices with their group buying system. This range includes the best produce available, and their meat is solely sourced from Shiralee Organic Meats produce – where we cut to order for them daily.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Doorstep Organics” content=”Doorstep Organics started out over 25 years ago in the Kangaroo Valley and deliver fresh, certified organic, Australian produce to your door. Enjoy a complete shopping experience with their full range of meat and dairy items, eco friendly household products and gourmet, artisan, speciality groceries. ” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Mrs Watsons Organics” content=”Mrs Watson’s is your one stop Organic and Health shop in the Sutherland Shire – located in Engadine, Gymea & Cronulla – and stocking a wide range of Shiralee Organic Meat products” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Berkelo” content=”Located in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Berkelo’s menu is influenced by the seasons, and their insanely good breads and pastries are made with unbleached 100% Australian stoneground flours and the very best in Certified Sustainable and Organic ingredients – including Shiralee’s organic meats. Sydney’s best & a must try.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Mrs Jones The Baker” content=”Located in Freshwater Village on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mrs Jones’ creations are centred around high quality, organic base ingredients. There are no artificial additives or improvers with gluten, dairy, sugar and nut free as well as vegan and low sugar choices too. Using traditional and modern methods based on learned techniques and hard work – with no corners cut and each item created from scratch.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Ora” content=”Ora is a great little cafe in the heart of Manly, with friendly staff serving all organic goodies, and delicious coffee. Go in for breakfast and get a bacon & egg sandwich with Shiralee’s Free-Range Bacon, or try one of Alex’s amazing pate’s made with Shiralee’s chicken livers of course” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”The Nook Wholefoods” content=”Nourishing health and wellness! Located in Elanora Heights – they have our delicious nitrate-free bacon in their egg & piggy rolls, as well as a free-range pulled pork roll that The Manly Daily calls next level. Organic coffee, superfood smoothies, cold pressed juices, raw treaties, healthy foods and products.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Barefoot Coffee Traders” content=”Barefoot Coffee Traders serves delicious coffee from their 2 famed spots in Manly, on Wentworth Street & Whistler Street. The rumours are true – their Whistler St Cafe now serves food other than their delicious waffles! You can have an amazing Prosciutto & Egg Roll (Not a Hipster Roll) and a pretty spesh Croque Monsieur at breakfast, or try some Asian inspired lunch time treats like Pulled Pork Vietnamese Rolls – all with our delicious Shiralee pork” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Girdlers” content=”We’ve been supplying Girdlers in Dee Why for a couple of years now – delivering healthy, nutritious food in the most relaxed and inspiring environment on Dee Why beach.  This year we’ve also been supplying their beautiful new shop in Warringah Mall – and now they’re just about to open a new cafe in Manly. Welcome to the hood!” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Northern Beaches Farm” content=”Locally grown fruit and vegetables harvested from their small farm in Ingleside and our organic and free-range meats are recreated into delicious Ready-to-Heat meals for you to enjoy at home.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Forage” content=”Manly’s First Secret rogue dining experience! they also specialise in private chef catering experiences and in-home group lunches/dinners. They create a theme for each event and ensure that the food is seasonal and as organic or free range as possible. There are a limited number of seats depending on the style of event. When you arrive you will be dining on a single table with the other guests, giving you the chance to mingle whilst experiencing the food as it is served. Forage live by food, fun and community!” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Seaside Thai Gourmet” content=”After 8 years at Manly Thai Gourmet, Sam and Chef Nat have opened (Feb., 2017) a new up-market restaurant…Seaside Thai Gourmet. Their team have sourced recipes from Thailand, kept true to to the spirit of “old favourites”, as well as creating our own Thai-Oz fusion dishes with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. We are proud to supply them for dishes like Rosella Duck, Organic Beef Ribs and Twice Cooked Pork Hock” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Ruby Lane” content=”Ruby Lane want to re-introduce you to food, to re-establish that relationship.  We use seasonal ingredients that you recognise, whether you can pronounce it or not! Keeeen-waaah ; ) and that aren’t manufactured in a lab. Our passion is to respect the food and legendary farmers by highlighting the natural qualities of these ingredients and carefully pairing them to deliver the tastiest most nutrient dense meals possible so you can truly eat yourself HAPPY!” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Organic Avenues” content=”A family owned business, Organic Avenues blends top quality organic produce with the finest organic groceries. Located in Bilgola Plateau and only minutes from Palm Beach, the retail store and cafe space is a hub for health conscious shoppers, food enthusiasts and lovers of coffee roasted by talented Sydney natives. The handsomely designed space is a celebration of all things organic.” img=”” link=””]

[page-row title=”Manly Village Public School” content=”We are very proud to be supplying organic meat and produce to the local kids at our local public school MVPS” img=”” link=””]