Grass Fed & Finished Beef VS Grass Fed


Grass-fed beef is now well accepted as the healthiest option in beef eating. It isn’t just for those living by paleo principals, but for many environmental and health factors. Grass fed-beef has higher vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than  grain-fed beef – including an healthier Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. It is true though that beef isn’t usually your primary Omega 6 source, but something else to consider is that cows were evolved to eat grass. Feeding cows grain fattens them up faster (which is why producers do it, an unnatural fattening leads to health problems (just like in humans) and those illnesses often require treatment such as antibiotics.

So if you know all of this and you only want to eat beef that is only fed on grass then you have to educate yourself on our labelling laws and get talking to your butcher and/or your farmers to find out what they are actually feeding their cows.

It is true that Australian cattle is predominantly fed some grass. Only 3% of the 28 million cattle in Australia is on feed lots (100% grain), BUT approximately 80% of beef sold in Australia are fed some grain. In Australia, beef can be labelled grass-fed and still fed grain for up to 70 days. This is long enough to reverse any health benefits of the earlier pasture based diet. To ensure that you are eating beef that is only fed on grass or pasture, you need to be buying beef (and beef products like dairy) that is entirely GRASS FED & GRASS FINISHED.

You also would want to make sure that the grass that they are eating is free from chemicals too, so choosing only organically raised beef is important as well – but you know how we feel about that. If you have any questions just ask next time you come in.

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